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Blind Low Vision

Children with qualifying vision loss receive consultative or direct services and materials from a licensed Teacher for Blind/Low Vision, a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist, and/or a Braille Transcriptionist. Services are centered on the Expanded Core Curriculum, which can include compensatory and functional academic skills such as braille, orientation and mobility, social interaction skills, independent living skills, assistance in discovering and participating in recreation and leisure activities, targeted career education, assistive technology, sensory efficiency skills, and learning self-determination.

TBLV’s provide Functional Vision Assessments and Learning Media Assessments to determine service, material, and educational accommodations and modification needs.  

Orientation & Mobility: Also known as O&M, is the teaching of concepts, skills, and techniques that aid a person with visual impairment to safely and efficiently travel through his/her various environments. O&M can be provided with or without the use of a white cane or assistive mobility device (AMD). For a student to qualify for O&M services, s/he must be assessed for need by a certified orientation and mobility specialist.

Shelby Metzler - Teacher for Blind/Low Vision
Jennifer Abbott -  Teacher for Blind/Low Vision
Jill Pangle - Teacher / O&M Specialist    

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