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Occupational & Physical Therapists

Occupational & Physical Therapy Department

Occupational therapy and physical therapy in the school setting are considered related services, which means the services may be required to enable a student to benefit from his or her educational programming. 

Therapists provide consultation, direct treatment, or training for parents and school staff.  Delivery of services can be provided in a large or small group, or individual setting.  Consideration of a student’s performance includes skills in all areas including stairs, playground, bus and cafeteria settings. 

Occupational Therapy in the school setting could include the following:

  • Supporting classroom fine motor participation
  • Facilitating self-help skill acquisition
  • Implement sensory processing strategies as appropriate
  • Collaborate with staff regarding pre-vocational or vocational needs

Physical Therapy in the school setting could include the following:

  • Supporting a child’s ability to navigate the school environment, which includes traveling throughout the school building or functional sitting/positioning in the classroom
  • Modifying equipment and/or the physical environment to enhance student performance
  • Promoting student access to large motor activities at school, including the playground
  • Educating staff about medical precautions that could affect a child’s ability to physically participate in school

If you have further questions about therapy services in the school setting, contact your child’s teacher of record, or your school’s therapist:  

Occupational Therapists at HBM

Physical Therapists at HBM


M.O.V.E International

American Physical Therapy Association

American Occupational Therapy Association


To find an OT or PT in a specific school, please contact the Hamilton Boone Madison office at (317) 773-2134.